Our company
We are a small-sized company with 12 translators. We have been working in the area of technical translations in English, French, Spanish, German and Portuguese for over ten years for Brazilian and multinational companies in several business areas such as chemical, pharmaceutical, mechanical and automotive companies, among others. This provides us with an insight in several fields and ensures correct use of specialized terms. If you prefer, we can customize your translation to the particular glossary your company uses.

We also provide consecutive interpreting in English / French / Portuguese.

We preserve professional ethics with confidentiality and a partnership commitment. We have signed confidentiality agreements with several companies.

Our Customers
We have set a long-lasting partnership and fidelity with our customers. They belong to several areas of trade, industry, pharmaceutics, cosmetics, automotive and other.

Quick delivery is our asset. Often we complete a translation job within one hour after receiving it.

Our mission is to provide high-quality, quick translations and consecutive interpreting.
Our translation process includes proof-reading every translated text. Many of our translators are native in the languages they translate, to ensure your text will be processed with quality and reliability.

Talk to Us 
If you wish a free estimate, please contact out email address below. You will get a quotation free of charge.
Address: Rua Hermínio Vassoler 241, Campinas, CEP 13091-511
Telephone / fax no.: + 55 19 3207-3178 / + 55 19 9102-1175
E-mail: simaika@liberaltraducoes.com.br